Zombies, Warriors and The Travels Of Jae The Wolf July 10, 2015 13:55

Yes. We are super lucky. Our booth at Comic-Con is near The Walking Dead experience. There are creepy undead all over the place in our zone. We love them. We hate them. They smell terrible. Zombies are basically like your weird Uncle Chris. After spending loads of time photographing zombie guts, we headed outside to check the scene. It's total insanity. There's a steam punk barber shop where a lady is having her legs shaved next to a giant tower you can jump out of and land on a bean bag. And a parkour course. I understand that anything can in fact be a parkour course, but these guys were very specific in saying what our parkour responsibilities were. So we are lazy and not trying to parkour all day or have a stranger shave our legs on the sidewalk so we did all you can do. Go to the amazing Adult Swim Carnival! They had us at Bat Cape.