With the release of A Shipwreck in the Sand, their fourth and finest album yet, SILVERSTEIN honors their near decade-long success with 750,000 albums sold and over 1200 shows played. An unrelenting tour schedule and a sense of artistic accountability suffice to explain how an obscure band with a relevant sound could foster their earliest fanfare into a laudable career, which started in 2000 with a vision to meld disparate emo, hardcore and metal influences. Inside of two years, SILVERSTEIN self-released their first two EPs, attracting a great deal of local attention in their Canadian homeland. Their first two label albums boosted worldwide sales beyond a half-million. In addition to being successful musically, Silverstein has proven to be quite passionate about animal rights as well. Silverstein and Skelanimals teamed up for Peta2’s “Fur is Dead” campaign in 2008, well exceeding to goal of 100,000 signatures and making it one of the most effective campaigns so far in Peta2’s history!


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